Monday 19 February

In the morning we travel to Jaipur, the famous pink city of Rajasthan. On the way we make a very interesting stop in Ajmer.

Here lies Ajmer Sharif Dargah – a Muslim holy place built on the grave of a sufi-saint. It is said that 150 000 people come here every day. Dessert for all the visitors is cooked in two enormous kettles. The largest can contain 4 800 kg of food. The kettles and the recipe have remained the same for 600 years! You will scarcely come closer to the 1001 nights.

In early evening we arrive at our hotel in Jaipur (Jai Bagh). Again a fantastic hotel where we eat dinner.

Total travel time and length: about: 370 km and 6 timer 30 minutter.